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Turbo Overkill | Launch Trailer
Turbo Overkill, Available on PC Now! ► The critically acclaimed hyper-fast-paced cyberpunk boomer shooter with more than 172,000 wishlists and over 2,000 “overwhelmingly positive” Steam reviews is available now on PC! Coming to consoles later this year. Soundtrack Available Now! ► Rev up that chainsaw leg and experience Apogee Entertainment’s newest cyberpunk FPS franchise, and their most over-the-top first-person shooter ever. Drawing inspiration from every FPS subgenre, including classic boomer shooters (such as Apogee’s own Duke Nukem 3D) combined with eSports-esque modern mechanics, Turbo Overkill offers an action-packed retro-meets-cutting-edge love letter to fast-paced gunplay from every era. Enter the neon-lit hellscape known as Paradise, a city under siege at the hands of Syn, a ruthless artificial intelligence hivemind and its army of brainwashed minions. Blast and chainsaw a path towards redemption as half-man half-machine antihero Johnny Turbo, and embark on a hyper-fast race to collect the bounty on Syn’s virtual head before other hunters get there first. Crank up the pulse-pounding cyberpunk-orchestral fusion sounds of Paradise with Turbo Overkill’s 73-track, 3+ hour Soundtrack Selections album by esteemed composers Tim Stoney (Star Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi, Assassins Creed: Origins), Nikola Jeremic (Cyberpunk 2077, Destiny 2), and Chipper Hammond (Disney Shanghai Parade), produced by Apogee’s Executive Producer Jeron Moore (Prey (2006), The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, Pokémon: Symphonic Evolutions). Now available on all major music platforms from Apogee Music in partnership with video game music label Materia Collective. DISCORD: ► TWITTER: ► THREADS: ► INSTAGRAM: ► FACEBOOK: ► TIKTOK: ► Directed by Jeron Moore Produced by Jeron Moore and Kyle Blessing Edited by Simon Macas Additional Editing by Kyle Blessing Trailer Support by Brian Costa The Voice of Syn & Ripper: Patricia Summersett The Voice of S.A.M.M.: Jon St. John The Voice of Maw: Gianni Matragrano The Voice of Doc: Tay Zonday Using Themes from “Turbo Overkill” by Nikola Jeremic, Chipper Hammond, and Tim Stoney Trailer Music Composer: Chipper Hammond Additional Audio & SFX Support: Nikola Jeremić Audio Mix and VO Engineering: Sam Ferrara Executive Producer: Jeron Moore Special Thanks: Sam Prebble & Scott Miller #Apogee #TurboOverkill --- Turbo Overkill | Launch Trailer



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Beautiful music has the rare ability to dive into our souls. In middle school -- after hearing the Atlanta Symphony perform the music of Final Fantasy to picture -- I discovered this notion and it inspires me to create and discover compositions beyond compare. Having started composing and producing shortly after that experience, I’ve always been driven to make people feel the same way. I’ve looked for musical inspiration from Nashville and have expanded that search into the world developing well rounded composition in sequencing and orchestration. I'm interested in connecting with your audience in a subliminal way.



We will work together to find the elements that perfectly reflect your vision.



Music for You

 - Using music to create meaningful  moments, scenes and stories.

 - Knowing people will remember what they see, hear, interact and engage with.

 - Creating moments that bring people back to a valuable story.



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